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PODCAST TALK: Irene López de Vallejo discusses How to Partner Successfully with Professors and Start-ups

Welcome to our TALKS a spontanious conversation with an expert in collaboration, innovation or topics we are just curious about. with these talks we want to share knowledge, best practises, fresh ideas opinions or new ways on working together to give inspiration to our followers and members.

Today, we are here in Amsterdam with Irene López de Vallejo, director of partnerships and business development at DEX, an open source software company, she is also co-founder of GivingStreets and a former director of collaborative research at Digital Catapult in London. We will talk about how to make collaborations with start-ups, business and professors successful.

PODCAST TALK with Irene López de Vallejo
Business of Colaboration Podcast


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In this section, we want to highlight the main lessons learned from our podcast conversation and create a snapshot of this interesting conversation with a bright mind with easy key points and categories.


  • Finding people identically minded
  • Create collaboration with technical compenents
  • Think about the possibilities of technology (bringing hope to same group of people)
  • It’s all about people, and relationships
  • Facilitate the process
  • Finding different people, see the connections and put them together
  • Building a solution together, in which each partner will provide a key part
  • Create special conditions and fair conditions for everybody, knowledge, new ideas, future revenue, a potential product
  • Don’t insist when the collaboration has not the pre-conditions to happen, or people are not matched immediately
  • Don’t force collaborations, only facilitate
  • Create a trustful environment, sometimes the group must go through conflict before becoming great


  • How technologies are coming to the society at the same time, for instance AI or Blockchain
  • How to bring technologies to new environments
  • How to translate technologies to people
  • Look at different ways to think about technologies. It’s is C-level educational process on how to integrate into business
  • Influences on technology translation and education for regulators, and policy makers
  • Making a better world with technology
  • How groups of people are using technology without polarize view


  • It’s impossible to be aware of all the things happening, it’s moving very fast
  • Focus on something very specific
  • Try to understand ideas in high level and try to find the connections
  • Talking people and going to conferences
  • Get one-to-one conversations and ask questions

Dr. Irene López de Vallejo
Founding team member of Ocean Protocol
Director of Partnership and Business development at DEX Pte Ltd
Co-founder GivingStreets
Mentor IoTTribe accelerator
IoT London Mentor Startupbootcamp accelerator

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