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When you hear the words poverty, climate change, or pollution, do you feel sometimes helpless?

These words are so far away from you, from me. They are suitable for the strategy of governments. We as individuals, what can we do? What do we do as individuals? How can we contribute to the renewal of the entire business system? How can we build what I love to call the heart centered economy? How can we become a force for good?

We have to start where we are. We have to start with what we can control, control the controllables. And the first place to start is with people. We have to go back to the core of the economy. The economy is made for people. The economy is made for you. You are starting this business, you are running this business, this career for you, for your personal objectives; so that you can become the highest expression of yourself. You are running this business for your customers so that they can be transformed through what you provide; they can feel beautiful in your clothes, they can feel empowered with your work, they can heal with your work. That’s why you are doing it, for your customers. Also, you are doing it together with people. You are not working alone, nobody can work alone. You are working for your partners, with your partners. They are working for you. So these people should be the place to start for you and you have to start with yourself.

And how can we control the controllables? By asking these three questions:

First: What do you want? What do you want to see in your life? What is the kind of life that you would like to see? Where would you like to wake up? What would you like to eat? What kind of conversation would you like to have in the morning? What kind of clothes would you like to wear? What kind of conversations would you like to engage? What do you want?

Second, what do you need? What are your needs? This is so key. I need self-expression. That’s why I ended up making videos. There are some people who love adventure and that’s why they travel everywhere. There are some people who love security, that’s why they stay put somewhere. There are some people who love learning, love studying, that’s the reason why they do research. Some people love negotiation, they need it. So what do you need? When you think about your needs, then it is very easy to decide what actions you are going to take. So first question, what do you want? Second, what do you need?

And then with the third question is: what are you willing to do to satisfy your wants and your needs? This is crucial to do for yourself so that you can actually transform your business in force of personal transformation.

But you can take it a notch higher, to ask the same questions about your customers. What kind of people would you like to have as a customer? Who would you want to have as customers? Take it to the next level. What do they need? Engaging what is what they need. And then, of course the third question, what are you willing to do to satisfy their needs?

When you ask these questions repeatedly, also for your partners, also for your employees, also for anybody else around you: what you want, what kind of partner you want, what kind of employee I want, what kind of customer you want? What do they need? And finally, what you are willing to give in order to satisfy this relationship, in order to build this relationship?

You see I love to wake up in the morning to conversations with my husband because I love learning. I need new knowledge, I love it. So what am I willing to give? I have plans, times in my day when I just listen to him. He loves reading at night and every morning he showers me with new knowledge. It’s wonderful. So I already have it in my mind that in the morning I will be open to listen to my husband.

You see I love to work with entrepreneurs, these are my favorite customers. So what do they need? They need the latest innovation so that they can perform? So what am I willing to do? Read, study, be there on the ball and be present for them. And you know, I enjoy it so much, I enjoy it when I’m reading a book and I find an idea that the customer can apply immediately. I love it when I’m present and I can listen and I can hear things that they cannot hear themselves.

So with this process (what do you want, what do they need and what are you willing to do to satisfy this relationship) you are going to change your life, the life of your customers, of your partners and of your employees. You’re going to change your business in a power for good. You’re going to help to change the economy into a heart centered economy by putting people first so that profits will follow.

Be ALL in.

Photo by Arnaud Mesureur on Unsplash.

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