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COLLABORATION CASE: Long-term Collaboration between Aarhus University and the State of California

This article is about a collaboration project between Denmark and California. The project focusses on finding a solution for two groundwater problems that occur 1) the shortage of groundwater in California and 2) California ’s groundwater pollution.

The collaboration involves Stanford University in California, USA and Aarhus University, located in Denmark. Moreover, there are three other parties involved: Ramboll, a Danish Environment Protection agency, called Aqua Geo Frameworks and the companies I-GIS and SkyTeam Surveys.


“This collaboration provides the Danish government, universities and companies a great possibility to expand further developments or design new methods”


With this collaboration, the Californian government tries to find a permanent solution for the ongoing problem of groundwater shortage, including its pollution, in the state of California. Both parties will benefit from this collaboration. On one hand, the opportunities for Californian authorities to learn from Danish Expertise. On the other hand, Arhus University and Danish companies. This collaboration provides possibilities to expand further developments or design new methods,  Including technology and know-how within the area of water sustainability.

Since the project is still running,  final results are not made public yet. However, the main goal of this project is collecting and bringing new knowledge to Denmark, to expand and support the development of Danish water technology solutions. Real-life cases such as these keep expanding innovations in the water management branch on a global level.


The state of California has faced several problems with the decreasing groundwater levels and the pollution of the groundwater. The decreasing groundwater levels were caused by long-lasting draught and a booming agricultural industry.  California goal is to manage their groundwater resources more efficient and in a more sustainable way in the future. Therefore they asked for the help of Danish expertise when  creating a comprehensive groundwater program, 

University of Aarhus, Denmark, the California government,  Aqua Geo Frameworks, I-GIS, and SkyTeam Surveys.

Published on 7th of August 2018. The project is a 20-year project, therefore this project is still running.  Further results were not made public yet.

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Photo by Steffen Muldbjerg on Unsplash

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