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PODCAST: Arjan Tabak on Entrepreneurship “Use your contacts and use their recommendation”

Today, we have one member of the SBIC, the ESA Innovation Center, as a speaker in our Business of Collaboration podcast, Arjan Tabak, Managing Director at SENSAR. SENSAR supports the civil engineering industry, with satellite based-deformation measurement, Sat millimetre, a technology called “inSAR”.

This Business of Collaboration podcast is all about how to use better the imaginary from satellites, to help civil engineers to maintain better the routes.

Do you want to know how an image from a satellite with a mix of the right technology, such as “inSAR” can predict when a bridge has to be rebuilt? Listen to our interview to Arjan Tabak.

PODCAST TALK: Arjan Tabak on Using Satellite Imaginary to maintain Motorways
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In this section, we want to highlight the main lessons learned from our podcast conversation and create a snapshot of these interesting conversations with bright minds by providing easy key points and categories.


  • We saw an opportunity for the market, and we create a team right after university.
  • When the technical product is ready, we focus on sales and our customer’s happiness we really make sure they are happy with our work.
  • We research relevant conferences, and we make a plan to approach customers from the business side in The Netherlands and abroad by using our existing network.
  • Use your contacts, and use their recommendation.
  • Make the market fit of your products by using your starting customers.
  • The main challenge is sales, to scale up the sales with a small team where you have many industries. The question is where you do go first.
  • We have not only peopled focus and dedicated to doing sales.


  • We use satellites to measure how much dikes are moved for disaster predictions.
  • We measure routes movements for routes maintenance to help planning the maintenance on time.
  • For the oil gas industry for older infrastructure, we measure the movement on offshore platforms. For instance, we can measure the environmental effects of gas and oil extractions.
  • For budget effective planning as a part of smart cities, how to plan the maintenance of the city, and match the budgets on long term and the short term planning. 
  • At the civil engineering industry, they can use the data, for the design phase, when they are designing the infrastructure, for instance: On dike reconstruction, if the current dike is moving or not, if they have to reinforce, or rebuild, better spend the money in the right maintenance.
  • Better plan the maintenance, SENSAR can define what parts of the route they are going to need maintenance, and plan it. We can know how much is moving with millimetre precision, we provide a lot of measurements. Even, we can predict when a critical period is reached, and they have to do the maintenance.


  • SBIC and the environment helps us growth with their network and it’s very inspiring. SBIC is bringing interesting speakers and talks about law, IP, and how to make your first sales.
  • Keep in touch with the professors to get the students for the internship.
  • The main challenge working with students is to make sure that what they research is connected with what we do in the company and it’s applicable for us. It’s better to talk to the professor, and keep the relationship with the research institute and continue the research from one student to the other student. And of course, make the student part of the team.

Arjan Tabak
Managing Director at SENSAR

If you want to know more about Arjan Tabak, please read his personal interview, here, and his Golden Rules for Living, here.

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