KNOWCO by collabwith is a community bringing together experts across all sectors to solve global challenges.

For the past 15 years, we have been working with academics and business executives. The potential of academic thought leadership is amazing and truly inspiring, but the process of finding the right people and arranging an agreement for cross-sector collaboration is consistently, painstakingly slow. It’s frustrating to see so much potential, ambition, and goodwill end up stranded in an administrative paperwork limbo.

KNOWCO by collabwith believes academic potential should be open and accessible for use and implementation in day-to-day business affairs and decision-making. We believe society will prosper if businesses have better access to the insights and ideas of bright academic minds.

KNOWCO by collabwith is an online community helping businesses connect with experts to solve innovation challenges and create consortiums. We do this through a custom-built environment where academics, start-ups and businesses collaborate to innovate and accelerate. Together we break down the barrier between academics and the business world. Innovation has never been so accessible.

We invite you to read our personal story, our manifesto, and our mission & vision and to meet our team. Join our growing network of scholars and professional leaders and help us make it happen. Together we can create a new standard for cross-sector collaboration.

Interested? Contact us and drop us an email. If you have any experience or insights to share, please do and participate in our ongoing research to disrupt the old, slow partnership process between academics and businesses.