We live in an age of accessible information where we can share, engage, and connect with anyone we like in any way that we want, regardless of location. Nevertheless, when it comes to getting in touch with the brightest minds, thinkers, and professors, businesses are confronted with a time-consuming process characterized by high uncertainty of success and with a limited network.

It’s inconceivable that the smartest people and the most innovative companies are still using the most old-fashioned way of connecting and collaborating. We are convinced that more common and better-facilitated cooperation will lead to better and smarter solutions, faster.

Research has shown that both businesses and academics would like to cooperate and interact more. Both sectors recognize the potential and benefits of streamlined collaboration for all involved. But without a solid system, this opportunity remains unseized.

KNOWCO believes academic research potential should be open and accessible for use in day- to- day business practices. We are committed to providing businesses better access to the insights and ideas of the brightest academic minds.

KNOWCO, our online matchmaking platform, connects businesses with academics who can specifically address their business challenges. We provide a seamless service for the entire project timeline: a fast search and booking process as well as a smart activity and innovation dashboard to track project progress and completion all in one place.  We take care of the logistics, so you can focus on the magic.

Together we can break down the barriers between academics and the business world.

Brightness has never been so accessible.

Jara Pascual
Ingrid van Gilst