Our story

“I always wanted to be an inventor and create something new, but I realized the TV was already invented! I started telecom engineering and was looking for my way to contribute when I joined an elective class called “Science, Technology, and Society” with Prof. José B. Mariño and Prof. Climent Nadeu. I started reading books by Manuel Castells on the impact of technology on society. At that moment, I found my path… technological innovation! But still something was missing: society as part of on the ecosystem, but then I learned about the user experience and human-machine interactions with Prof. Raquel Navarro-Prieto. That’s when all the pieces came together for user-centered innovation.  I was working as an innovation manager for adidas when I saw how difficult it is to find professors for research collaboration and how difficult it is to contract with them. At the time, I dreamt of a global database with all academics in one place, and I made up my mind to become an entrepreneur. Four years later, I moved to the Netherlands and started an MBA to prepare myself to run a business. I was thinking deeply about how to streamline the whole supply chain of working with professors. Then, I created KNOWCO by collabwith, an all-in-one place to find, make request and contract professors with one click.”

Jara Pascual