Our story

“I always wanted to be an inventor and create something new, but I realized the TV was already invented! I started telecom engineering and was looking for my way to contribute when I joined an elective class called “Science, Technology, and Society” with Prof. José B. Mariño and Prof. Climent Nadeu. I started reading books by Manuel Castells on the impact of technology on society. At that moment, I found my path… technological innovation! But still something was missing: society as part of on the ecosystem, but then I learned about the user experience and human-machine interactions with Prof. Raquel Navarro-Prieto. That’s when all the pieces came together for user-centered innovation.  I was working as an innovation manager for adidas when I saw how difficult it is to find professors for research collaboration and how difficult it is to contract with them. At the time, I dreamt of a global database with all professors in one place, and I made up my mind to become an entrepreneur. Four years later, I moved to the Netherlands and started an MBA to prepare myself to run a business. I was thinking deeply about how to streamline the whole supply chain of working with professors. Then, I created KNOWCO, an all-in-one place to find, book and contract professors with one click. During my journey at RSM in the Executive MBA program, I met Ingrid in our second team. We worked very well together and complement what the other lacks and needs. Since December 2017, we have worked very hard together to create and improve KNOWCO. Join us!”

Jara Pascual

“My interest in technology and innovation started when I read my brothers’ comic books by Yoko Tsuno who added scientific and technological elements to her adventures. In 1990, I started to my study informatics. At that time, people were still talking about punch card systems and how the occasional fly in the card created a program failure (the physical “bug”, now known as the “software bug”). Throughout the years, I have seen technology quickly change: new innovations in hardware and memory storage, the growth of the Internet, distributed environments, (in)memory use, mobile phones became smartphones, the Internet of things, robotics and machine learning. With these changes came the challenge and necessity for business leaders to apply new technology to promote sustainability and growth. By helping businesses throughout the years, I have seen innovation applied to improve our businesses, our lives, and the lives of others. I wanted to have a bigger impact and to add value in a different way, and so I started an Executive MBA at Erasmus University. There I met Jara after the first semester, working together on our second team. We share the same interests and ambitions for innovation and technology, and with our different backgrounds we complement each other in business. She is what I don’t have and what I need.”

Now, since December 2017 have worked very hard together to make KNOWCO happen.

Ingrid van Gilst