Welcome to the Collabwith Academy, where you can find monthly webinars and workshops created by the Knowco Collabwith Community members, teaching you their high-level expertise on technology and innovation. Besides, this events, you can receive personalized technology consulting every month from the Knowco Collabwith Community High-Expert Members, see here the conditions. More events, here.

WEBINARS #fridaywebinar

Every first Friday of every month, we are hosting a webinar to showcase the knowledge and expertise of our Knowco Collabwith Community Members. Save the dates!

FRIDAY 6th December 2020, 12noon CET
WEBINAR: “How to Become a Social Media Influencer?” By Girleek “Stefania Rafaele”.
FRIDAY 7th February 2020, 12noon CET

WEBINAR: “Why Emotional Intelligence is Important in Innovation Leadership?” By Jara Pascual. Link to Watch Webinar, click here.

FRIDAY 6th March 2020, 12noon CET
WEBINAR: “How to do Digital Transformation in Africa: From Experience to Field” by Emmanuel Mudahemuka. Link to Watch Webinar, click here.

TUESDAY 24th March 2020, 9pm CET
SPECIAL WEBINAR: “Future of Work: Everyone has been sent home… now what?” by Christian Cotichini CEO HeroX and Jara Pascual CEO Knowco Collabwith. Link to Subscribe, click here.

FRIDAY 3rd April 2020, 12noon CET
WEBINAR: “IoT & Wearables:Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting in the age of IoT devices” by Murat Eskiyerli. Watch Webinar, click here.

FRIDAY 1st May 2020, 12noon CET
WEBINAR: “Integrated Technology-to-Business Innovation Framework” by Mario Vesco. Watch Webinar, click here.

FRIDAY 5th June 2020, 12noon CET
WEBINAR: “Mindfulness para la Gestión del Cambio y para la Innovación” por Pilar Creus. Watch Webinar, click here.

FRIDAY 3rd July, 12noon CET
WEBINAR: “How to Overcome Cultural Biases in the Workplace?” by Edmée Schalkx. Link to Subscribe. Click here.

FRIDAY 11th September 2020, 12noon CET
WEBINAR: “Legal for Innovation Understanding the GDPR and its” by Paulina Samovica.
Link to subscribe here.

FRIDAY 2nd October 2020, 12noon CET
WEBINAR: “A brief overview of the research on green synthesis of silver metal nanoparticles. Ecological methods of synthesis is increasing; the aim is to reduce polluting reaction by-products” by Prof. Dr. Erwan Rauwel, University of Tartu.
FRIDAY 6th November 2020, 12noon CET
WEBINAR: “How to network online” by Veronica Guguian, SPINideas. Link to subscribe, here.
FRIDAY 4th December 2020, 12noon CET
WEBINAR: “Let’s talk about investment, finance and money!” by Prof. Dr. Carol Tarr, Nyenrode Business School, IncludedVC. Link to subscribe here.


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