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This is a holistic service for super innovators with great ideas who need help to get academic and industry knowledge and technology faster in a structured way from your desk via our custom-made online collaboration platform by reducing bureaucracy, so you can focus on your business and innovation.

Are You A Super Collaborator?

It’s inconceivable that the smartest people and the most innovative companies are still using the most old-fashioned way of connecting and collaborating. We are convinced that more common and better-facilitated cooperation will lead to better and smarter solutions, faster.

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We believe businesses and society as a whole would prosper if there were better access to the bright minds of academics, startups and high quality experts. Collabwith is an online community that provides the fastest route to the minds of academics, startups and high quality experts”


It’s free to be a passive user and look at marketplace collaboration opportunities and directories, upgrade to make connections and collaborations.

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  • Do-it-yourself collaborations made easy. Great for small businesses and startups who are starting.
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  • More collaboration opportunities & insight, less admin. Perfect for innovation and research teams & established business and organizations.
Organization Membership
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Generate opportunities & reporting for multiple collaborations with no effort.

  • Create opportunities to collaborate for innovation.
  • View opportunities to collaborate, match-made to your profile and organization needs.
  • Unlimited connections with academics, startups and other business professionals.
  • Featured Collaboration Marketplace to manage & attract opportunities.
  • Access to priority phone support.
  • Monthly account report with match recommendations & results.

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