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3 Matches per Year

This is your personal Matchmaking Service for Innovation & Collaboration to improve your Innovation Performance and it’s tailored for your business needs.

You have selected “3 Matches per Year” package and it includes:

  • 3 Matches per Year based on your business or academic needs.
    Depending on your preference, a match may be: an innovative product, research results, relevant startups/SMEs or contacts. A match can be based on knowledge such as research papers, academics or a match can be a potential customer.
  • We help you to schedule the first meeting.
  • Toolkit for a successful collaboration.
  • Legal templates for open innovation collaborations (legal advice is available for an extra fee.)
  • Access to the Marketplace to find challenges from other open innovation platforms and companies.
  • Access to a database of global talent of entrepreneurs, academics, universities and innovation managers.
  • Add your services and products offerings or your needs in the Opportunity Marketplace.
  • A commission fee of 10% is due on top of the first invoice from any successful activity lead.

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Some extra material and useful links: TutorialsHow it Works, Marketplace, Talent Database, Login.