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Welcome to Collabwith!

This is a holistic service for super innovators with great ideas who need help to get academic and industry knowledge and technology faster in a structured way from your desk via our custom-made online collaboration platform by reducing bureaucracy, so you can focus on your business and innovation.

Grow your business and innovation through clever collaborations with Collabwith innovative and holistic approach to collaboration.

What Can You Do With A Premium Membership?

More opportunities & insight, less admin. Perfect for innovation and research teams & established business.

  • Create opportunities to collaborate for innovation.
  • View opportunities to collaborate, match-made to your profile.
  • Unlimited connections with academics, startups and other business professionals.
  • Featured Collaboration Marketplace to manage & attract opportunities.
  • Access to priority phone support.
  • Monthly account report with match recommendations & results.

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We have created this premium membership for you to become a super innovator and super collaborator, make structured requests with academics, startups and industry leaders!

Your Platform Benefits and Features

  • Post unlimited number of Collaboration opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Create unlimited number of Collaboration Requests to other members.
  • Create your profile in the Collabwith platform.
  • Search in the academic directories.
  • Search in the university directories.
  • Search in the startup directories.
  • Search in the professional directories.
  • Search in the Collaboration Opportunities and Technology Marketplace.
  • Access to EOSC Marketplace.
  • Create your own network of super innovators and super collaborators.
  • Recommend your network to others.
  • Send messages to academics and get answered!
  • Add your collaboration opportunities in the Marketplace.
  • Add your developed technology in the Marketplace.
  • Add your services in the Marketplace.

Your Premium Benefits

  • Get your Annual Collaboration Plan after our first meeting to assess your needs and your goals.
  • Get your monthly account report with match recommendations & trends, valued of more than 500€ per month!
  • You will receive exclusive discounts and promotions to our Collabwith events and also our partners events during one year, with a value of more than 1000€.
  • List your own webinars and workshops in our Collabwith Academy to promote them inside and outside our community of super innovators and super collaborators.
  • Become an active member and get the opportunity to write questions for our podcast “Business of Collaboration” guest speakers or our Q&A videos. This is a whasapp group, called Collabwith Star Media for exclusive premium members engaged with content co-creation.
  • Furthermore, if you dare you can interview yourself relevant professionals and academics from your network for the Collabwith Magazine and videos or host your own training or webinar for the Collabwith community. Contact us to learn more about the conditions.
  • You will have access to priority direct line of support for innovation, collaboration and emotional intelligence via messages in a group of whatsapp. You choose your preference HelpDesk called Collabwith InnoHelpDesk, Collabwith EIHelpDesk, Collabwith CollabHelpDesk. Ask questions about innovation and collaboration straight forward and get answers in a community format! This exclusive benefit has a value of 2000€.
  • As soon as you subscribe to the premium membership, you will receive the exclusive template created by author Jara Pascual called “Collaboration Canvas”, that you will use before, during and after each collaboration for innovation or collaboration for research. This canvas is included in the book “Innovation and Collaboration in the Digital Era” written by Jara Pascual and published by DeGruyter.
  • Get access to legal templates for collaboration.

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Why Collabwith?

  • Up to 60x less expensive than consulting firm.
  • Access hundreds of collaboration opportunities.
  • Double your impact with your innovative ideas through collaboration.
  • Engage and network with a community of super innovators and super collaborators.

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